Frequently Asked Questions

EF is your travel supplier, and the traveler is the Primary Insured.

Academic HealthPlans, Inc. (AHP), a Risk Strategies company is the third-party program manager and licensed agent(s) who can speak about the Plan Document and its coverages and benefits.

Seven Corners is the claims administrator who reviews and adjudicates claims.


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Your Insurance

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Travelers cannot submit a claim for refund of the insurance premium. Additionally, only EF can process cancellation of the insurance policy.

Visit and click the tile for your EF Tour line. In the Program Resources dropdown menus, choose the State you purchased coverage, and the Enrollment Period date-range to view the full Plan Document and brochure.

Please review the documents available at If you have any additional questions after reading the coverage and benefit information, please contact Risk Strategies via email at [email protected] and they will be happy to address your coverage and benefits questions.

EF representatives and Group Leaders are not licensed to represent the insurance products made available to EF travelers; thus, EF cannot suggest or generalize what is and is not covered.

Risk Strategies (RS)/Academic HealthPlans (AHP) is the third-party program manager for the travel protection plans offered by EF. It is not within RS/AHP authority to make benefit exceptions or to process premium refunds based on special or unique circumstances that are not covered by the policy.

Please note: it is not necessary for you to speak to RS/AHP prior to cancelling your tour or filing a claim, unless you have questions after reviewing your policy’s coverage details.

Due to the nature of information being shared and to provide you with a searchable reference, email is the most efficient means of communication. Please email RS/AHP at [email protected] and include the traveler’s name, date of birth, and include your questions and/or a description of your circumstances so agents can better assist you.

The Travel Protection Plus Plan/AnyReason Protection Plan is a non-insurance benefit provided exclusively by some EF Tour lines. Please call EF directly with questions about this product.

The Travel Protection plan offered by EF Tours is an insurance product managed by Risk Strategies containing coverage for cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, baggage delay or loss, and medical expenses based on specific criteria outlined in the policy.

The Travel Protection Plus Plan and AnyReason Protection are non-insurance cancellation benefits for specific tour lines and are provided exclusively by EF Tours. For more information and to purchase the Plus Plan/AnyReason Protection, or to cancel your tour using your Plus Plan/AnyReason Protection benefits, please contact EF Tours directly.

Canceling Your Tour

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Please call EF Tours directly to cancel your tour. If you are unable to reach a representative you may use the call-back option, or the chat function on the EF Tours website.

Yes. Please contact EF to cancel your trip before filing a claim. If you file a cancellation claim without cancelling your trip, it will be denied as there will be no loss on file in which to pay.

First, contact EF Tours to review your options for rescheduling or obtaining a voucher for future travel, or to formally cancel your spot on the tour. EF will review what is refundable based on the Booking Conditions of your tour. The remaining unrefunded amount is what you may file a claim to recoup. You do not need to contact Risk Strategies before canceling your tour. Do not file a claim until you have formally canceled your tour.

*Do not contact Risk Strategies to cancel your tour, amend your coverage dates, or make changes to your trip itinerary.

All tour cancellations initiated by EF, Group Leaders, or a school district, are subject to EF’s Booking Conditions and are outside the scope of the insurance policy. This includes cancellation, postponement, and rescheduling due to, but not limited to, changes in state or federal travel restrictions.

The cancellation portion of the Travel Protection Plan is intended solely for individual cancellation reasons listed in the policy. Please review the benefits guide available at to see if your cancellation reason is covered by the insurance policy. If you have an independently qualifying reason for cancellation, you can individually cancel your trip and file a claim.

If you do not have an independently qualifying reason for cancellation, please contact EF directly to discuss options available to you under their Booking Conditions.

On The Road

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For a medical emergency during your trip (24 hours) please call Seven Corners Assist at 800-690-6295 (toll free from the U.S.) or 00-800-7771-7777 (toll free from abroad); collect calls can also be made to 317-818-2808. They can coordinate medical care with a provider and should be the first contact.

For non-medical emergencies or urgent situations while on tour, please contact EF Tours directly.

Please visit to use the Online Claim Filing Portal, as well as obtain claim forms for Trip Cancellation, Delay, Interruption, Baggage Loss/Delay, Medical Expenses and more.

Each individually insured traveler who experienced the Trip Delay and associated out-of-pocket expenses will need to complete individual claims and include a signed Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form, allocating potential refunds to the party who actually paid.


After your claim is filed

Once you have submitted a claim, Seven Corners is the claims administrator and will be your contact for all questions or issues. If you filed your claim using the online portal, please log-in to your account to review the status of your claim. You may also contact Seven Corners at 866-887-7148, or by email at [email protected]. Do not contact Risk Strategies for claim status.

Information about how to file an appeal is included with your denied claim determination. You must use this process if you wish to dispute the final decision. Neither EF nor RS/AHP can overturn a claim finding.


Contact Information

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Program Manager (Plan Document and coverage questions)
Academic HealthPlans, Inc. (AHP), a Risk Strategies company
Travel Insurance Division
8:30am – 5pm Central Time | Monday – Friday
[email protected]
877-974-7462, ext. 321


Claims Administrator (Claim portal and claim status questions)
Seven Corners, Inc.
Online Claim Filing Portal:
or Email claims to: [email protected]
or Fax 317-757-2256
or mail, allow 7-10 days for delivery:

Attn: Claims
PO Box 211379
Eagan, MN 55121

For Claim Status:
Phone 317-582-2658 or 866-887-7148


Travel Supplier (Itinerary changes, Cancellation, and Booking Conditions questions)
EF Tours
2 Education Circle
Cambridge, MA 02141

  • Educational Tours800-665-5364
  • Explore America888-333-9756
  • Gap Year800-726-9746
  • Go Ahead Tours800-590-1161
  • Study Abroad877-485-4184
  • Ultimate Break800-766-2645