Submit a Claim

We're sorry you have to file a claim, but we'll try to make submitting your claim as easy as possible. Follow the steps below to file:
  1. Please choose the form that corresponds with the type of claim you are making. It’s possible that you may have more than one type of claim to file. Choose all appropriate options and be certain to mark the EF Tour program box at the top of the form that references your tour division.
  2. After the claim administrator (Seven Corners) reviews your claim, they will let you know if you need to submit additional forms:
    • Physician’s StatementEnglish
    • Payment AuthorizationEnglish, Español
    • Authorization of Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information (PHI)English
  3. Submit all the documents to Seven Corners using one of these methods:
  1. If you have questions regarding a claim that has been submitted and is IN PROCESS, please contact the claims administrator – Seven Corners
    • Local 1-317-582-2658 or Toll-free 1-866-887-7148
  2. If you do not have a claim in process but have general questions about policy benefits please contact the plan administrator – Specialty Insurance Solutions, Inc.
  3. If you have general questions about your enrollment in the insurance plan, please contact your EF Tours representative.

Please Choose Your Needed Form: